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About Me

I specialize in practicing trauma-informed care with a relational lens using adventure, play, expressive arts, and body-based approaches.  My clinical work is grounded in over 30 years of working with diverse populations of children and families across North America in numerous roles and settings, including home-based, camp, school, residential, community, agency and private practice.


Since I was little, I have loved seeking adventure and the sense of curiosity, spontaneity, flexibility, and aliveness it elicits.  Growing up in Maine, I had the privilege of being surrounded by natural resources, including Camp Jordan and Leaders School, a specialized week focusing on leadership and character development through the use of outdoor adventure activities and experiential learning.  Camp planted seeds early on for my later pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science with a specialization in Adventure Based Counseling from Burman University in Alberta, Canada. 

Paired with my adventurous spirit, I have always had a social curiosity that has led me to live, learn, and work in communities immersed in cultures other than my own.  The majority of my career has been working with kids and families living in underserved communities and I am truly grateful for and humbled by these experiences, as that allowed me gain awareness of my privilege, of power dynamics, and of my own blindspots while stretching my capacity to be comfortable with discomfort.  It is in these moments that I learned a sense of safety, connection, and trust can’t be forced, assumed, or guaranteed.   Being able to connect with others and join in various communities demanded a deeper level of authenticity, awareness, acknowledgement, and vulnerability on my part.  All of this is ingrained in my clinical work and has expanded my ability to foster genuine and resilient therapeutic relationships with clients.

Education & Certifications

  • M.A. in Counseling Psychology (2010) - Trinity Washington University 

  • B.A. in Behavioral Sciences & Adventure-Based Counseling (2002) - Burman University

  • Adventure Based Counseling and Ropes Course Technical Training (2012) - Project Adventure 

  • CRETE - Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education (2009) - Temple University  

  • NOLS Graduate - Pacific Northwest (1995) - National Outdoor Leadership School 

On-Going Training

  • Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI) Core-in-Training, Svetlana Masgutova Training Institute (2/22-present)

    • Courses Attended: 13 (336 Hours)

      • MNRI® Archetype Movement Integration

      • MNRI® Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration (2x)

      • MNRI® IPET Archetype Movement Integration

      • MNRI® IPET NeuroTactile Integration (2x)

      • MNRI® NeuroTactile Integration

      • MNRI® Oral-Facial Reflex Integration Level 1

      • MNRI® Proprioceptive and Cognitive Integration

      • MNRI® Stress Hormones and Reflex Integration (2x)

      • MNRI® Stress and Trauma Recovery

      • MNRI® Trauma and PTSD Recovery

    • Clinic Observation Hours: 40 

  • Certificate in Somatic Embodiment and Regulation Strategies with Linda Thai (1/24-4/24)

Highlighted Training​

  • Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator Training with Jamie Marich, Ph.D., LPCC-S, REAT from The Institute for Creative Mindfulness

  • EMDR Therapy with an Expressive Arts Focus- Part 1 with Irene M. Rodriguez, LMHC, REAT from The Institute for Creative Mindfulness

  • Dissociation Made Simple: An Inside Look for EMDR Trauma Therapists with Jamie Marich, Ph.D., LPCC-S, REAT from The Institute for Creative Mindfulness

  • Breathwork Apprenticeship with Alicia Barmon, LCPC, ECYT-500, C-IAYT, SEP (2/22-8/22)

  • EMDR Basic Training, Center of the Rockies (1/22-4/22)

  • Trauma Informed Supervision from Laura Reagan, LCSW-C Practice Owner of B.A. Healing and Host of Therapy Chat and Trauma Chat (2019-2021)

  • Expressive Trauma Integration Trainings with Odelya Gertel Kraybill, Ph.D., LCPC (2018-2021)

  • Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy Level Two with Dr. Cathy Malchiodi and Dr. Elizabeth Warson 

  • Polyvagal-Focused and Sensorimotor Expressive Arts with Dr. Cathy Malchiodi and Dr. Elizabeth Warson

  • Play Therapy Training 

    • ​Play Therapy Supervision with Jessica Stone, Ph.D., RPT-S, Specializing in Digital Play Therapy, Virtual Sandtray, and Virtual Reality (6/21-12/22)

    • Theraplay Level One and MIM, Group Theraplay with Dafna Lender, LCSW (2020)

    • Cognitive Behavior Play Therapy Interventions for Children with Anxiety Liana Lowenstein, MSW, RSW, CPT-S (2017)

    • Creative Play Therapy Interventions for Bereavement and Divorce Liana Lowenstein, MSW, RSW, CPT-S (2017)

    • Child-Centered Play Therapy WorkshopThe National Institute of Relationship Enhancement® (2017)

    • Play Therapy with Gender Diverse Children with Xanthia Johnson LPC, ACS, RPT-S (2017)

    • Understanding and Treating Trauma in Children Using Drama and Play Therapy Krista Verrastro, MA, RDT, & Sonia Hinds, APRN, PMH-BC, RPT (2017)

    • Play Therapy Skills Lab Sheri Mitschelen, LCSW, RPT-S (2014)

    • Play Therapy Intern at Barstow Acres Children's Center (2009-2010)​

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